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What is a Berryshine Enzyme program about?

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We coupled all your richness berries with enzyme fiber + probiotics + collagen to give you the best antioxidant, detox and rejuvenation program all with simple ingredients.

Berryshine is not a meal replacement. You will still need to take your meals.


Does Berryshine Enzyme really work?

We select the finest all-natural ingredients specially sourced for its unique properties. We refined it to provide whats good for you without drastically putting 100 ingredients in a drink that doesn’t provide you with the optimal benefits.

Berryshine Enzymes are catalysts that help accelerate chemical reactions in the body to regain normal functions of detoxification system, break down and purge toxins as well as repair damage cells.

These ingredients are then combined and formulated using an effect known as ‘food synergy’. The ingredients complement each other and are test out over several months before bringing the final product to you.

What’s contained in Berryshine Enzyme?

Berryshine – 16 sachets (2 weeks) Taken daily

Mulberry & Strawberry – antioxidant, nutrifying, vitamins

Blueberry & Raspberry – energizing, immunity boosting

Beetroot – stimulating, lower blood pressure, prevents cancer

Psyllium Husk – antioxidant, natural diuretic, rids constipation.

Oat Fiber – cleansing, fiber foods

Aloe Vera – anti-inflammatory, healing

Shisho Leaf –  natural probiotic, anti-inflammatory, healthy guy

Prebiotics –  better-controlled weight and appetite, healthy gut

Marine Collagen – anti-aging, repairs cells


Is my Berryshine all-natural?

All ingredients are natural.

What is inside my Berryshine 1-month detox package?

2 boxes – 32 sachets of Berryshine

Which program should I go for – 2 weeks or 1-month Ultimate Berryshine Enzyme Detox?

We recommend our babes do the 32 Day Ultimate program to reap the full potential of Berryshine and see your aura! The ingredients in Berryshine program are formulated to be the most effective over a course of 32 days and we want to help you do everything you can to Discover the Ultimate You!

Can I consume Berryshine Enzyme whilst also doing other Detox program?

We would not advise you to mix any other detox products or supplement when taking Berryshine as you will not be able to measure the effectiveness of which product is better.

What is the difference between Berryshine Enzyme and other Teatox/Diet Program?

Our Enzyme detox uses 100% natural ingredients, 100% no flavoring or preservative and we can’t place the importance of having a regular intake of good pro and prebiotics. Many detox program contains laxative/medicine that in the long run damages the liver.

We simplify things with only ingredients that you need and not throwing 100 ingredients in 1 box where you end up taking only 0.01% of each ingredient.  

Can I buy just 2 weeks program instead of the complete program?

Yes, you can however to complete a full detox program it is best to stick to 32 days.

The correct way to drink Berryshine?

1 sachet every night before bedtime or after a heavy meal is the optimal time for Berryshine. 

No more or no less is needed.

I do not have constipation problems. Do I still need Berryshine?

Berryshine is not necessary only for any individual with constipation problems. It is an antioxidant enzyme beverage drink that will benefit your gut and promote healthy digestion in the long run. You will experience the difference in your daily bowels.

Berryshine features

What is the taste like?

We simply can’t use words to describe but the infuse richness of Berries is simply AMAZING and YUMMY!  

Every cup of Berryshine is bursting with flavor and there is absolutely no fishy taste of collagen.

How often should I detox?

It depends entirely on your body’s needs and how you feel. We will advise going through the 1-month program in 4 quarterly each year. Or you can do it alternate days for the whole year. It is very important to cleanse our body once in every while as each body can easily contain 5-8 kg of un-cleansed stools that builds up and turns into toxins over time. That’s when you start to experience fatigue, unnecessary weight gain, bad skin appearance, low performance that can eventually lead to more serious illness.


What are the precautions to take when starting Berryshine?

Berryshine enzyme can be consumed by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  For those below 12 years of age, we recommend reducing to half a sachet per intake.

Remember to eat regularly and do not skip your meals!

I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I still take Berryshine Enzyme?

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, we strongly advise you to consult your GP before undertaking our detox program.

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Are there any side effects?

Berryshine is made from completely 100% natural ingredients, however, everybody is different and therefore can react differently to these ingredients.

The ingredients are unlikely to bring about typical allergic responses. You will definitely experience bowel movement the next day as the enzyme is taking effect.

You know your body best. If your body isn’t sensitive to 1 sachet, you can increase its strength by taking 2 sachets. On the contrary, if the results are too overwhelming, you can decrease the dosage to half a sachet. The best time to drink is at Night just before you go to bed so you will experience the benefits in the morning.

Can guys drink Berryshine too?

Sure, Berryshine can be taken by any men, women and even children!

Will I see results from taking the Berryshine Enzyme?

You will see the results almost immediately the next day. After 3 days you will definitely feel less heavy on your stomach but please do not indulge in heavy meals. One for sure; we promote a healthy lifestyle! Berryshine is definitely the best addition to any health regime, designed to maximize the effect of your health program. They should be used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise program for optimum results if you really want to Discover the Ultimate You!

Will I regain my weight if I stop taking Berryshine Enzyme?

That will definitely not happen as Berryshine Enzyme is all about detoxing naturally and keeping your gut healthy. We are here to help you kick-start a healthy lifestyle! With regular exercise and a balanced diet, you should be able to maintain your weight and stay healthy! 😉

Can I drink Berryshine Enzyme on an empty stomach?

We don’t recommend taking Berryshine Enzyme on an empty stomach as it will be a very discomfort process. The main aim is to have your proper meals and the enzymes will help you digest the food at the same time and flush out any excess at the same time keeping the gut healthy with good bacteria.

Do Berryshine Enzyme have an expiry date?

The expiry date can be found at the back of the package. We kept it in sachets to ensure freshness in each drink.

Can I drink Berryshine Enzyme during pre-dawn meals before I fast for the whole day?

Please do not consume Berryshine Enzyme if you are fasting the whole day.

I’ve been constipating ever since I consume the Berryshine Enzyme. Did I do anything wrong?

Sorry, constipation is not a normal occurrence with our Enzyme. The maximum dosage is 2 sachets/day which serves for serious constipation.  If symptom persists, please stop drinking Berryshine and see your doctor for professional advice.

Will I get diarrhea?

Our added Psyllium Husk and oat fiber are meant to have a laxative effect – accelerating the elimination of undigested food in the large intestine and colon. It’s just a slightly increased natural flushing, no severe diarrhea. Your stools should appear soft and what’s still left in the gut will take 2-3 rounds to clear during the start of the program. Please drink lots of water.  

Can I drink it cold?

Yes, you can drink it cold but not hot! Any temperature hotter then 40 degree will kill the enzymes and reap out all the benefits. You can add ice to your drink. But stir well until you don’t see any lumps before adding ice. It will taste refreshing!  

How do I make my Berryshine Enzyme Drink?

Mix 1 sachet of BERRYSHINE with 150g-200g of chilled water. Shake/Mix well and drink immediately.


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